We got out of school

We got out of school carrying our bags on, as we started running to be the first to sing our musical theory lessons. If we had to wait for our turn, we played games on the street as we were imbued with music played by the teacher on the piano and the kid’s voice. We weren’t aware of this process inside us. And step by step and without any kind of consciousness, we were building our own and solid musical universe that never have left us.

The personal experience during our childhood and the kid’s accompaniment enjoying music themselves, have helped us to create the materials we offer you.

Our starting point with kids is the song. Nature endowed us with the voice and, therefore, with the singing. The kids who live in an atmosphere where music is on, sing while are playing games and invent little songs. They soundtrack their game: what an spectacle.

The song is a synthesis of all the elements that take part of the musical language: the rhythm, the melody and the harmony. Children that would like to go into detail about the learning of these elements, often clash with some concepts that far away from make music easier for them, become a high mountain to climb. Children where music flows fluently, clash very often with too abstract concepts that slow down their learning.

Starting from this reasoning, and with an important Montessorian inspiration, we bet to offer you resources and materials that contribute to get necessary skills in order to live a deep musical experience. Materials that will be essential for reading, writing,  interpretation, improvisation and musical composition.

Àngels Florit

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